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Today, users demand high-quality, industry standard design.  But achieving that design language and still matching your business aesthetic is no easy task. 

I have experience in Web, Mobile, SaaS, VR, and even Games.  Let's design something you can show off.


Turning your ideas into real software.  After nearly 10 years of programming, I've had exposure to many of the major tools and platforms, so rest assured we'll find the best fit for your problem. 

Let's solve that problem smarter, not harder.

(For my tech friends, expect Test Driven Design, modern Frontend frameworks, and Cloud-based architecture) 


Solving problems is a team effort.  Unlike an IT mega-corporation, I understand that it's not just technical ability, but genuine communication and high-spirited flexibility that solve real-world problems.

I'm here to build real relationships and do what must be done to reach the goal.

My recent work

We're located in Jupiter, but service the entire West Palm area

Full Stack Startup

LiftUp Prayer

Full Stack Startup

For months, I struggled with the idea that so many Christians struggled to live an organized prayer life. I embarked on a start up journey to design and develop a platform just for that. To serve my community at the problem's most basic level, then continually grow with more features, more resources, and more connected users.

Mobile App Development

Hannah's Home South Florida

Auction App

With many of their patrons quarantining, Hannah's Home was facing a challenge for their annual fundraising auction event. We ended up building a full software suite, including a mobile app and live projector screen web page to allow users to participate in the charity auction at the event or in real-time at home

Bespoke Internal Tools

Wealth Management Firm

Bespoke Internal Tools

As businesses grow, their need to optimize internal procedures grows, often at a much faster rate than their tools. In the case of this client, they are aiming to embrace automation in order to continue to scale, but don't have the internal team to do so. We have been able to team up to create new internal tools to do just that.

Website Design & Development

Tequesta's First Baptist Church

In a matter of weeks, TFBC had to go from little online presence to a digital-only church. We took the logo and color scheme and built a brand and website. From there, we were able to set up the platforms for live-streaming and on-demand sermons. As things normalize, we're adapting and updating the site to continue to reflect the status and mission of the church.

Database Transfer

McGregor Allsop

Accounting System Work

When looking at migrating from one accounting system to another, the system designer's tools were insufficient to grab the right historic data. Instead of taking resources away from their internal IT team, McGregor outsourced the one-off project and we were able to get up and running in just 3 passes

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Outdated Website?  Database work?  New feature on a software tool?  Brand new app idea?  If you need a designer or developer who meets you where you are, I'm ready for hire!


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